Question 1

Discuss with your colleagues the following questions:  What is Legality? Specifically how are employees and medical entities legally responsible in Health Service Organizations? Provide two specific real life case examples that you find on the internet or in the print media.  Read the background articles but this discussion will take research beyond the above articles.  Provide citation of authority to support your initial response to discussion questions.  Peers are expected to demonstrate critical thinking in their questions related to the classmates’ descriptions. Initial response to dicussion topic must be no later than midnight Thursday and then you must substantively respond to at least 2 classmate submissions no later than 6pm Sunday. See Discussion Requirements in Discussion topic entitled “Discussion Expectations and Grading”  No duplication. Redundant primary posts will not be graded. 

Question 2

Discuss with your colleagues 1.What are Ethics? 2. Where do they come from and who is responsible? 3. How do ethics apply to health care organizations and its employees? Provide two specific real life case examples that you find on the internet or in the print media.  4. Research a specific ethics issue applicable to health care organizations, discuss how it was handled, what ethics theory epitomizes the handling of the issue and how would you have handled the issue and which specific ethics theory would apply to your solution. [see below A Framework for Thinking Ethically to help with last question] 

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