what is lesson reflection

All sections below must be addressed with thorough responses; phrases and incomplete sentences are not acceptable. Key words such as “since,” “because,” “through,” “using,” etc., must be seen throughout the document explaining the way that various competencies were met. Be sure to include things you would change in your lesson in order to improve your effectiveness as a teacher. The table expands as you type, so be specific and take as much room as you need to answer the questions thoroughly!


What did you do before class to make sure your lesson would be effective and run smoothly?


Describe your “set” (the way you opened your lesson). How did you begin your lesson in order to gain student interest? Was it effective? Why or why not?

Instructional Strategies

How did the strategies you chose affect the learning and involvement of students?


How did you differentiate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners?


How did you close your lesson and summarize/solidify important concepts for your students?

Student Involvement

Were you able to involve all students in the learning process? How? Why or why not?

Teacher/Student Interaction

How was your rapport among students? Were you able to interact? Why or why not?

Student Achievement

How can you prove that students met the objective of your lesson?

Classroom Management

What strategies did you use to make sure students stayed on task and achieved the objective?


Dress? Disposition? Interactions?

My Areas of Strength

My Areas Which Will Require Future Growth

Type a paragraph about what you will do differently to improve your effectiveness as a teacher.

Section 2: Class Reflection

What have you learned by taking this class and corresponding with your classmates through the discussion board? What are some further topics and issues that you would like to continue to study in depth as a result of taking this class? If you could change some aspect of the class, what would it be and why?

Type Your Response Here:

Section 3: Future Goals

  • In Module/Week 3, you created a Personal Professional Development Plan. Using technology to enhance your instruction

Restate this again in short, simplistic terms. If you have not yet begun to work on some of the minor goals that would lead to your major goals, discuss when you will do this and how. Also, include some strategies or resources that you have learned through this course that might help you achieve these goals faster.

Type Your Response Here:

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