what were some of the problems china has faced since the communist party began their rule in 1949

Answer the following in a minimum of 200 Incorporate at least two listed sources and citations using proper APA format.

After China fell to Communism in 1949, they would experience a period of instability with the Cultural Revolution of 1966. After the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, there was a focus on modernization led by Deng Xiaoping with his “Four Modernizations” program. Society in China began to change, and protest movements began. Xiaoping would crush protesters in 1989 at Tiananmen Square and reassert Communist authority. While still in power, China has now adopted some of the capitalist systems.

What were some of the problems China has faced since the Communist Party began their rule in 1949. Why did the Chinese begin to revolt against their government? How has the Communist Party used traditional values to maintain control?

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