which do you think is best

Below is a reply to my attached essay.

Please answer the Bold question:

You clearly express your preference for a more reality-based kind of “near” science fiction (at least that’s what I gather from your statement that “Land Ironclads” is good because it dealt “with future technology, which has been achieved/is achievable” and was “about something likely to become a reality in due time”).

I agree with you that Wells’ “ironclad” vehicles became a reality soon after his story was published, whereas the worlds of Frankenstein and The Island of Doctor Moreau remain far in the future (and may never be realized at all). But surely there’s more to good SF than just this. In addition to telling us “about something likely to become a reality in due time,” an SF work should also be good in other ways — ideally, it should have a compelling plot, interesting characters, etc. It’s the “science” part that makes it science fiction, but the “fiction” or literary part is important as well.

So, if we look at Frankenstein, The Island of Doctor Moreau, and “Land Ironclads” with our focus on their purely literary qualities, which do you think is best?

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