which one

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley (no pdf available, please be knowledgeable of the story or have access to it)

“Roger Malvin’s Burial,” Nathaniel Hawthorne

Psychoanalytic Criticism (Tyson) (no pdf available)

logic of compulsion by Frederick Crews

psychological mystery of Frankenstein by Paula Feldstein

Which of these readings did you find most illuminating? (By “illuminating,” I mean “successful at helping you see things in the text you hadn’t noticed before,” and perhaps also “helping you see the significance of things in the text you hadn’t found significant before.”) Which reading did you find most convincing or persuasive? And which would you say is more important in literary criticism–that it be illuminating, or that it be persuasive, and why? Can Freudian analyses like Crews’s and Feldman’s be illuminating and/or persuasive even if the theories on which they are based are no longer widely seen as valid?

essay should be about 750 words.

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