who is to blame for our false consciousness ourselves or someone else 2

Who is to blame for our false consciousness – ourselves or someone else? Plato, Kant, Huxley, Chomsky, and de Graaf each give an account of how the “prison for the mind” is designed and operated by outside agents. Yet those writers believe that a person has the capacity to free him/herself from that prison. So if we are locked in the prison for the mind, who is to blame — those who designed and operate the prison, or ourselves for lacking the courage to think our way out of it? Summarize the positions of at least four of the above authors, and then take a position on the issue. Your paper should begin with the statement of your position (the thesis of the paper). Then it should summarize the authors (this will be the bulk of the paper.) Then it should make the case for your position. Talk about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, Huxley’s Brave New World, and John de Graaf’s affluenza.

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