why did fulcher write the history of jerusalem

Please note that this week you will be assessed on a piece of writing that you will do in reaction to Fulcher of Chartres on “The First Crusade and the Siege of Jerusalem (1101-1127),” which is in Sources of the West, pages 176-182. It will be worth 20 points and assessed via the rubric below.

In a short essay of approximately 250 words, and with full consideration of the other materials assigned for this Module (lectures, my article, and textbook selection) please respond to the following in a well-written essay: Why did Fulcher write The History of Jerusalem?

In your essay, please be sure to:

  1. Directly address the author’s context, considering what was going on in his life to motivate him to write this work
  2. Refer directly to the background information you have been assigned to help you understand the broader context of this source
  3. Include direct quotations from the text to support the reasons for why Fulcher wrote his work
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