1.-Why is isolation important in this movie? Can anyone create a faithful copy of human consciousness in such isolation?

2.-Is Nathan being manipulative, or is he being cautious and trying to protect Caleb and himself from Ava?

3.-Think of Ava as a developing child, one who is learning about the world and her place in it. Is Ava’s environment conducive to the development of a healthy self-image, healthy relationships with other humans, a healthy mind? Why?

and there is anther question 

1.- In the first chapter of The Lathe of Heaven, LeGuin uses very specific imagery. What do you think the images of the sea, the continents and the jellyfish symbolize? (please answer this after you’ve read a few chapters of the book).

2.- How would you describe the main characters of the novel? How has your opinion of them changed as you read the book?

3.- What are the pros and cons of The Plague? (use at least two examples from the book)

4.- The Plague is responsible for “the murder of 6-billion non-existent people” (LeGuin 75). Would you argue that this is an accurate depiction of the event? If these people never existed, could they have been “murdered”?

5.-What do you think the phrase “The end justifies the means. But what if all we have is means?” (LeGuin 83) mean?

6.- George keeps repeating that “Haber was a benevolent man,” does he really mean it, or is he being sarcastic?

i need anyone who read r the book  and answer all question in order


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