worksheet on criteria for tips

Worksheet on Criteria for “Tips” (or Key Features of How-to/Process Essay)

  1. Describe in detail at least three qualities that each article you have read share and that you believe should be “essential criteria” or key features for an essay written in the mode of these “Tips.” ( the three articles)

2. Most of the “Tips” columns are only three or four paragraphs. Try to find general similarities in what each of these paragraphs “does”—that is, try to describe the purpose of the paragraph in general, or specific techniques that the paragraph seems to employ in the essays you and your groupmates have selected. “How to Remember People’s Names”

please download the 2 files down bellow… the first file ‘How to Remember People’s Names’ has the three articles you need to read, the second file has the work sheet you need to answer

thank you

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