write 5 page analysis paper

is to be a five-page analysis of one or more of the books we’ve read (benjamin franklin(autobiography), Charles beockenden brown Wieland, the Prairie, Uncle Tom’s Cabin) on an issue related to the concerns of the class. Below are some suggestions. You may write on another topic of your own devising if you wish, but first check it with me via email. The paper is not designed as a research paper, although if you use criticism, make sure to cite what you use in footnotes. Mostly, you should be analyzing your topic, making an argument with evidence drawn from the characters, plot, language and other such matters in your chosen text or texts.

The problem of identity.

White men and red men.

The relation of selves to others.

The relation of the individual to the community.

The idea of America. (Or, The Idea of the American.)

Nature and Civilization.

The figure of the trickster (e.g. Carwin, Franklin, the Trapper).

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