write a 2 to 3 page essay mla format cource intro to american goverment

Topic: Access to free or affordable Healthcare.

In 8 hours.



  • 1. Tell reader what the paper is about – – – in this case, the topic you’ve selected and a clear statement regarding your position on that topic.
  • 2. Why is it important the reader read your paper? Don’t assume the reader is interested.
  • 3. Why is the topic you have selected important to write about? What is at stake?
  • 4. How does what you have read and heard about in this course relate to the topic?


  • 1. Provide the reader with an historical perspective and context for the topic you have selected.
  • 2. Provide information that establishes the foundation for your position.
  • 3. For example, if you are writing about creating a teacher loan program, how much in debt are students when they graduate?
  • 4. How much a newly-hired teachers paid in Montana? In surrounding states? How does Montana?

2 / 2

  • 5. If, for example, you are writing about, recreational and medical marijuana, how many other states allow marijuana to be used for either?

Body of the paper – Discussion:

  • 1. What would be involved in bringing about the change or result you are writing about?
  • 2. Does the federal (national) government have a role? If yes, what branch(es)?
  • 3. Does state government have a role? If yes, what branch(es)?
  • 4. Provide arguments to support your position. Each topic requires a decision on your part: Do we take action or do we retain the status quo? In either case, explain what you feel are the consequences of action or inaction.


Summarize your thoughts and put the finishing touches on the paper. Include insightful sentence(s) to complete your thoughts.

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