write a 6 page analytical essay

I want you to write a history paper.

this paper is super important only quality work accepted.

please check the attached file for complete details.

so you understand all right? regarding on the sources you have to use which correspond to each section of question? also need to watch films and no outside sources used in this paper

I also have PowerPoints form lecture which you also need to select some and use as citations in the paper. You should download it and see what the course is about so you can write on it. also make sure all readings and films that to be used and NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!!!

Follow all instructions. except links I put on the prompt, NO OUTSIDE SOURCES!! the paper should be in chronological order which is 1950,1960s,1970s from the prompt. The introduction need to be very informational and with very clear thesis statement. Professor will look at the thesis first so make sure it is persuasive with arguments. also popular culture context is necessary. make sure to read all books and cite all sources to each question and watch all films link above. use ppt as lecture notes and reference like (Lecture 17). ask me if you have any questions thanks

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