write a c program to sort the elements of an array

Write a C program to sort the elements of an array.

Test Data and Expected Output :

Input the number of elements to be stored in the array :5               _x000D_
Input 6 elements in the array :                                         _x000D_
element - 0 : 15                                                        _x000D_
element - 1 : 26                                                        _x000D_
element - 2 : 42                                                        _x000D_
element - 3 : 82                                                        _x000D_
element - 4 : 35                                                        _x000D_
After sorting the array are :                                           _x000D_
15                                                                      _x000D_
26                                                                      _x000D_
35                                                                      _x000D_
42                                                                      _x000D_

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