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For your discussion, I am including below links to news article and video profiling McDonald’s recent expansions of menu items, which have made the company’s kitchen operations increasingly complex. The menu has expanded from 85 items seven years ago to 121 today. Its McCafé drinks, for example, require a separate station behind the counter equipped with coffee grinders and blenders, causing longer waits. Also, Premium McWrap invariably stalls the food-assembly line. These additions to menu are hurting McDonald’s goal of getting customers through its drive-throughs in 90 seconds or less; in 2014, McDonald’s average speed of service was clocked at 189+ seconds! In contrast, In-N-Out Burger also offers its Secret (or now, Not-so-Secret) Menu to customers, which surprisingly does not considerably negatively impact the average service speed. Provide your opinion on what your learned from these news items. In your discussion, you may include your insights on what are the causes for slow service speed when comparing McDonald’s vs. In-N-Out menu expansion.

In-N-out secret menu: http://www.in-n-out.com/menu/not-so-secret-menu.as…

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