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Learning Objective:

This exercise helps to illustrate the ways in which we have been shaped by culture, social structures, socialization, and group memberships.


How did you become who you are? Usually we deploy individual narratives to explain our identities, our roles, our likes and dislikes, our occupations and general life outcomes. According to a sociological perspective, however, who we are has as much to do with the culture, social status, socialization, and groups we are part of as it does with individual choices or proclivities.

Using at least five of the following concepts from our readings, explain how you became who you are today. Your biography must be approximately three pages in length and incorporate at least five of the concepts listed below. You are also free to, even encouraged, to use other concepts we have covered thus far (especially those pertaining to the sociological imagination).

Key Concepts

Norms, Folkways, and Mores

Ascribed and Achieved Statuses

Role Conflict and Role Strain

Agents of Socialization

Reference Groups

Primary Groups and Secondary Groups

In-Group and Out-Group

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