write one page in apa format 2

Part A: Read the following article and answer the below questions: http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/04/health/babies-screen-time-speech-delays-study/index.html

  • What type of study was the study by Dr. Birken and colleagues – Observational, Correlational, Experimental?
  • What were the variables involved?
  • Can you draw the conclusion that screen use causes speech delays from this study?
    1. If yes, why can you draw this conclusion?
    2. If no, can you provide an alternative explanation for this finding? How might you design an alternative study that tests whether screen use causes speech delays?

Part B: Search for a peer-reviewed article on the topic and summarize the results.


  • Appropriate in-text citations and references
  • 1 page (approximately 1 paragraph for Part A, 1 for Part B)
  • APA format (including in-text citations plus a reference page)
  • Must be in the student’s own words with no direct quotations
  • No websites may be used as sources
  • Turnitin score less than 10%
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