write only two papers the first one is introduction about careers in rehabilitation public health fitness and personal wellness medical etc after the introduction write about fitness and personal wellness

write only two papers begin with an introduction about careers in rehabilitation, public health, fitness and personal wellness, medical, etc after that write essay about fitness and personal wellness.

Students will write in a minimum of two pages, answer the question: “What can a person do with a health sciences degree?” Your answer/essay should attempt to organize the plethora of health science related careers one might aspire to into a single resource for the reader. Consider organizing your paper into categories, such as those careers in rehabilitation, public health, fitness and personal wellness, medical, etc. The idea is to not write about what YOU want to do, but rather what careers are available to someone with a health sciences degree. Certain careers may require additional education which is fine to note in your paper. Have your paper serve as a resource for someone interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences. As noted during class, your degree program is based upon standards established by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and those standards serve as a good resource for this assignment. Papers are to be double spaced, typed, and in APA format and will be submitted to the course Canvas site. A cover page and abstract is not necessary for this assignment per APA style.

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