writing 5 page paper final music

Sources are from the class, after you receive the assignment and tell me which topic you want, i will retrieve the source.

Follow the research guide.

In crafting your paper, you should refer to your timeline. In addition to the 4-5 page body of the paper, you should also include a supplemental paragraph that explains how your timeline helped you (or perhaps did not help you) develop your argument.

You should take materials from at least two different weeks of the class and relate them to one another. All papers should use primary and secondary sources. We will talk about the differences between these in class, but please let me know if these terms remain opaque to you.

You may choose from any of the following topics or design your own research question in consultation with me. Please email me by the end of next week if you plan to create your own paper topic; all self-designed papers must still address an issue that puts materials from different weeks on the syllabus in dialogue.

More on attached below

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