writing a synthesis essay with 3 4 articles from rereading america

Write a synthesis of three articles that consider one of the “myths” described within the textbook. You will need to develop your own thesis, using evidence/support/arguments from the different sources. You may use articles from the textbook, but you are not limited to using only articles from the textbook.

  • Identify author and title of each article, making connections between the texts;
  • Determine what the connections mean, referring to specific examples from the articles;
  • Form your own gist as a frame for your own argument.

You must cite sources appropriately, using MLA or APA internal citation format; MLA requires a Works Cited page, and APA requires a References page. Consult A Pocket Style Manual, 7th ed. for proper formatting. CMS may be used with permission.

Your synthesis should be four to six (4-6) pages of double-spaced text, not including the documentation page. Please number your pages.

Synthesis Checklist

Have you included the title of each text and the author, following appropriate format?

What have you learned about each author’s credentials that is relevant to the issue?

Is there anything significant about the context that should be noted?

Does your synthesis have a clear focus with a thesis of your own—either direct or indirect?

Does your synthesis make connections among the different texts?

Have you formulated—and included a gist of the different texts?

Have you included examples from the different texts?

Are there any counterarguments that add to your focus?


Attached are

Chapter overview from source that might help.

3 articles from the source which can be used for work citation directly,

2 articles from out-side sources which I will have to transfer citation.

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