writing help 31

To: New Consulting Team Member

From: CEO
Re: Barra’s issues

We all know that you have worked elsewhere to gain your experience. One of the board members has contacted us to help evaluate Ms. Barra. So how will you evaluate the extent which Barra displays the key positive and negative attributes found in leaders, the client wants at least 2 examples of both. The client will also expect you to explain your rational? In addition want your specific observations about leadership from this case?

Remember your role is to advise the board member.

Your response should also take into account:

  1. Planning and organizing concepts in the textbook and external sources.
  2. Take into account the people and facts described in the Management in action.
  3. Do not ignore the existing management and personalities or the basis of the organization.
  4. Do apply critical thinking to diagnose the issues..


  1. Apply critical thinking and the learning from the major objectives of this week’s material.
  2. Formal writing and all APA formats are required.
  3. You MUST include a minimum of one quality online library source to support your ideas as well as your textbook. Also, be sure to cite your textbook inline and references as required by APA.
  4. Word Count: 500 minimum: Responses should be between 500 to 800 words excluding the title page, abstract, keywords and references.

See powerpoints attached for course material from this week.

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