writing rhetorical analysis

Background: In “The Open Boat” Crane explores the relationship between man and nature. He questions, curses, cowers at the feet of nature. Contrasting the loving, transcendent creator presented in previous eras, the cosmology at work in Realist pieces asserts a different stance. We call this cosmological stance Naturalism. Naturalism is a system of belief propounding that only natural laws, as opposed to supernatural or spiritual laws, govern the world.

Prompt: Write a rhetorical analysis of “The Open Boat” explaining how Crane’s diction, syntax, and rhetoric reveal a specific aspect of Naturalism.


  • Incorporate at least two quotes per body paragraph, correctly cited.
  • Use scrupulous punctuation and perfect grammar.
  • Follow MLA format.
  • Limit yourself to one and a half pages, single-space, 12-point font.


  • Establish a clear, interesting, language-based thesis in your introduction.
  • Avoid summary, and focus your warrants on detailed analysis of the evidence you give.
  • Derive your points from the material itself, rather than your opinion about the material.
  • Keep your ideas logically moving from one sentence to the next. To this end, it is a good idea to start by crafting an outline, not the actual essay: Do the thinking before your start the writin
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