you are required to make an initial post that answers the questions below please proof your work before posting 1

You are required to make an initial post that answers the questions below. PLEASE PROOF your work before posting. Make sure it is professional and represents your best effort. You will not be able to see the posting of your peers until you make your post. After that, please read the posts of your classmates and reply in a meaningful way to at least 2 by Friday. Reply comments that only say “I agree” or “Awesome” will lose points. You are strongly encouraged to look at the rubric grading below to see how your entry and replies will be scored. On Saturday and Sunday, please check the discussion board again and reply to your instructor if your instructor commented on your post and your peers if they asked you any questions.

Please answer the following questions in your initial post:

  • What is the importance of small business in the United States?
  • How did the Telfers finance their start-up?
  • Why is it difficult for budding entrepreneurs to secure bank financing or venture capital?
  • What is an intrapreneur? How does it differ from an entrepreneur?
  • How does the notion of taking an existing idea and making it better relate to the successful launch of Pillow Pets?
  • Have you or a friend ever had an idea for a product or a service that would make it better? What was it? What is stopping you from implementing it?
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