In the past four lessons, you have learned about the effects of imperialism and colonialism on certain parts of the world. You have read about Africa, India, Latin America, and Israel. For this paper, construct an argument in which you do the following:

State a claim.

Provide necessary context through background information.

Support your claim with logical evidence.

Provide any credible counterclaim(s).

Consider your audience and what they may already know or think about your topic.

Use transitions and a good organizational structure.

Keep your style formal and objective.

Provide a conclusion that brings your argument to a graceful close.

Choose one of the following topics for your argument. You may argue any claim you want about that topic.

The use of violence (or nonviolence) to resist colonial oppressors

Partitioning countries in order to create more homogeneous populations or avoid violence

American imperialism in Latin America

Israel and Palestine

Keep in mind that an argument is a special type of communication in which you persuade your audience through the use of logic and facts.

Please make at least 2 pages

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