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Read each paragraph and give me your opinion on it if you agree or disagree with the paragraph


Describe what steps you could take to overcome language barriers at the time of a disaster.

Communication breakdowns during an emergency, language barriers can handicap first responders as they try to assist victims or even help family members trying to get information on potential victims. The Eastman Stadium is the scenario I chose to base my discussion on. The first step I would take to overcome the potential language barrier is identify who I have at the Stadium who could speak in the language, responders and stadium attendees who can serve as speech volunteers. Technology has made language barriers easier so my next step would be to project a message and updates on the big screen inside the stadium using the various languages of the attendees. This process would help ease at least some of the anxiety the people would be facing.

Explain how message distortion reduction techniques would be used in the derailment disaster.

Working in the private sector getting information out our stakeholders and employees must be quick as possible. In being quick the information must be clear and easy for them to comprehend. We established a working Guidelines on communications. The message distortion reduction technique that I think would really be beneficial in an extreme incident like the train derailment would be limiting the amount of information you would include in your messages. Complicated messages that are packed with dense information would be more often subject of distortion. You want the message to be precise and to the point this would clear up any further confusion the attendees would have


During a disaster or an occurrence of any kind, doesn’t always have to be a disaster, overcoming language barriers in a diverse community can be difficult. At the soccer game, I would enlist the assistance of translators. I would have local police enforcement officers use their bull horn to announce to the public what has happened and how exit the stadium in a most efficient and effective manner. If there is a trumbo video board I would use that to make announcement using the word caption option.

I would assign certain personnel to deliver the message. Too many people delivering the same message, one or two words gets mixed up and the meaning is not what was originally intended. The words would be minimal to lessen the anxiety and nervousness of the people and speak in layman terms so that everyone can understand what is being said.


Hazard Adjustment Strategies

Planning phasePreparedness plans consist of evaluation of vulnerabilities and the efforts to reduce casualties and infrastructure damages. Preparedness plans also include evacuation plans and procedures and protocols, and federally funded programs. Some preparedness plans ensure that emergency ground units and volunteers are ready and trained in the event of a emergency disaster, such as The Community Response Team (CERT). Evaluators involved in ppreparedness planning and those who assess vulnerabilities would have the need to acquire regulations of building codes and design mitigation and recovery plans within required plans and regulations of these zones. This could be done more efficiently if the designated teams preparing these procedures met with community business leaders so that an agreement can be made to promote hazardous adjustments (Perry & Lindell, 2007).

Mitigation phase – With plans for mitigating an emergency disaster, my main focuses were to enhance local community recovery and reducing casualties by acting on plans form pre-disaster measures that are funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This involved response team members evaluating hazardous areas and then to determine clean-up procedures. Accessing the vulnerabilities and property protection methods for areas that could be damaged in the event of a natural or emergency disaster is crucial for hazardous mitigation. Community officials would need to organize plans on how to use federally funded programs to perfect vulnerability and financial asset protection methods (Perry & Lindell, 2007).

Response phase – Risk communication and response efforts consist of the abundance of law enforcement officials and measures in place to effectively communicate to the public of dangers and potential hazards. Plans to improve response tactics can be done with regular awareness meetings held by public and law enforcement officials to ensure practice of response and recovery plans are shared with the community. Training of these ground units and first responders could be given increased training on procedures and recovery methods to ensure efficiency.


For the planning and response phase, I focused on community preparedness and response by working with key stakeholders to meet the challenges of preparing for and responding to a hazard event. The strategy to use mass media tools to get the public prepared would fall under risk communication; for example, the use of public service announcements and other warning messages via television, radio, internet, and others (Perry& Lindell, 2007).With a credible threat of a terrorist attack in the area, citizens may be told “to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activities to law enforcement.”

Adjustments to this strategy may derive from messages not being more persuasive, not credible, or not ensuring the information is repeated and is broadcasted through many channels. This adjustment would ensure more citizens are made aware of the threatening situation, resulting in less injury and loss of life.

For the mitigation phase, I included the use of levees as a mitigation strategy for flooding. Another example I would use is the application of hurricane shutters on homes and businesses. These could fall under technology innovations and sanctions and incentives. I am sure emergency officials are in the business of finding the latest state of the art technology that is both efficient and cost effective. For home and business owners, utilizing hurricane shutters may afford them a discount on property insurance. This is particularly true in areas prone to hurricanes such as Florida.

The only adjustment I would suggest for this strategy would be to identify vulnerable areas that are more prone to flooding and wind damage. Homeowners and businesses in these areas would receive more incentives to encourage them to protect their investments. Therefore less assistance (financial) would be needed if a natural disaster were to strike.

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