i need a revision on this vignette if it has all 3 of these    

3 short (paragraph) Vignettes in style of house on mango street by sandra Cisneros. Should be about a place, a person, or even school. 

Each piece should have atleast six of the following devices: 




Six in total

Casablanca, in Morocco. Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco not only by size but also in demographics and economic scales. demographically, over four million people live in Casablanca which makes it one of the largest populated cities in the world. With people especially in multitudes comes a lot of business opportunities as well as cultural diversity. Over the recent years, Casablanca has developed into one of the melting pots of cultures in the African continent. economically, the city is the Morocco’s chief port and the gateway between Africa and Europe. For instance, the Port of Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in the world. Moreover, almost all the leading companies in Morocco and some of the largest world multinational corporations have their main or regional headquarters in Casablanca. Concerning temperatures, the city ranges between 17° C and 27° C with June and July considered some of the warmest months.

Casablanca attracts tourists from all over the world based on its rich cultural diversity, economic significance in Africa, historical significance in both World War I and II, and warm Mediterranean climate. Most of the people who live in the city are Berbers who are the traditional inhabitants followed by Arabs whose populations have swelled with time. There are also Europeans living in the city as well as the Fulani from the North western parts of Africa. Furthermore, Casablanca has recently opened its doors to business enthusiasts and investors from the Asian continent, United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil (Foreman, 2016). Hence, a person who is visiting Casablanca is likely to have a taste of all the cultures along a single street. Shoppers are likely to enjoy unlimited purchase of various products ranging from the latest Arabic fashions and fragrance to spices.

In case you are wondering if there is place to spend your time in the city, the Four Seasons, located at Anfa Place, is a magnate that attracts visitors and hold them for as long as possible. With a total of 180 affordable rooms, you can hardly miss a place to enjoy some comfort (Winston, 2016). The hotel has a spectacular beachfront with some of the luxurious yachts to take visitors deeper into the ocean and back. Every room in the hotel has customizable beds, entertainment theaters and dozens of cafés and restaurants. The hotel also has a smaller shopping center stocked with every item that a visitor might be interested in buying (Bari, Bergot & El Khlifi, 2015). If not Diamantine or Marks and Spencer, one is likely to meet almost all the Western and American biggest fashion designers and luxury products. If you have not visited Casablanca, this summer could be a great opportunity

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