4 questions in philosophy one of them an essay questions

1/ Explain how Descartes prove the 3rd certainty, which is The Cause of any Effect must be “As Real” if not “More Real” than the Effect, from start ( the ideas of things in the physical worlds) to finish (the certainty of the real existence of things in the physical world) be thorough.

2/ Was Descartes successful in proving the Skeptics wrong about certain knowledge exists, and could a skeptic successfully argue against the certainty of one, two, all or none of Descartes certainties?

3/ Why was it necessary for Descartes to prove each certainty in the exact order that he proved them in?

4/ Essay question: Explain how the skeptic, Michel de Montaigne argues against each of the other 3 views on Epistemology that claim there is certain knowledge. Be thorough. Three paragraphs each view in a paragraph.

Please make sure you stay on topic and be superficial. Kindly see the attach file for reference. It is my notes from class. Thank you

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