7 10 paper assignment related to crises management 1

The purpose of this assignment is to apply concepts reflected in the course text (Hopkin’s book) and other literature sources to evaluate and recommend a course of action based upon your risk assessment in the scenario described below.

Hopkin provides an overview of the 4 T’s of Hazard Response in Chapter 15.Create a scenario that clearly identifies a setting that shows risk potential.Then, apply the 4T model to that scenario.For example, a large rock concert, Presidential visit or the like.Based upon your assessment of the scenario, develop a recommendation paper to a supervisor (your choice) showing organizational risk.

The topic: I prefer the topic to be about a rock concert or any other type of mass gathering type of concerts.

The paper should be 7 – 10 pages long.The following format is recommended.

Title: The 4 T Analysis of ____________ (name of your scenario).

Abstract:One paragraph on the second page; tells what the paper is about


Address the following elements from the model as they relate to your analysis of the model:

  • Tolerate
  • Treat
  • Transfer
  • Terminate

Recommendations:Present what you consider to be the major recommendations that upper management should recognize as important and that should be implemented.Include evidence in the literature as indicated in any of the sections of your paper.

Significance:Describe the “lessons learned” and implications for risk management.

Important notes:

– Please use proper APA format for in-line citation and references

– The paper must be 7-10 papers (first page and references page are not included)

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