analyze how milton and rose friedman created equal works rhetorically


For this assignment, students should draft and revise a critical analysis that makes meaningful and significant use of at least ONE of our course readings below AND at least TWO outside sources (scholarly/ professional, peer-reviewed) discovered through research. Students should focus on applying theoretical perspectives from one of the assigned readings in an effort to understand, explain, and analyze an issue.

please include sources link with locations.

Please note: The readings used for Essay 1 should not be the focus of Essay 2. FYI: An exception may apply for those electing prompt 4 under “TOPIC OPTIONS,” below. In this case, a student may address an earlier reading in conjunction with a more recently studied one (see list of recent texts under “COURSE READING CHOICES”), provided that the student explores the earlier reading in a fresh and comparative fashion.


Length: 3-5 typed pages of text for final draft

Format: Typed, double-spaced, standard font (i.e., Times New Roman or Ariel), APA style


Milton and Rose Friedman, “Created Equal”

Analyze how one of the above texts works rhetorically. For this approach, you may want to consider the text in

relationship to the following questions:

*What pattern(s) do you begin to notice by studying the details of the text?

*What assumptions does the writer make?

*What images does he or she employ?

*What strategies does the writer use to communicate his or her point?

*How does the writer attempt to convince the reader that his or her argument is valid?

A good analysis for this assignment will achieve the following:

  • It demonstrates a keen understanding of each of the texts being analyzed (including the outside source);
  • it explains clearly how the outside source relates to the central text being analyzed and your argument:
  • it explores assumptions, consequences, or the significance of a concept in the central text or the argument it presents; and
  • it focuses on a point/claim that you make about the central text being analyzed.
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