bid if you can cloud computing

ESSAY – Information Systems and management

Write a 1,000-word report on its effectiveness, shortages, and prospects for small businesses:

  • Cloud Computing

The manner in which you structure your analysis is totally dependent on you, and it should not exceed 1,000 words>4 pages (250words/page) (excluding abstract, references, bibliography, appendix, and table of contents).

As a guide,

  • Your introduction and abstract must identify your chosen topics
  • Your work must be fully referenced in the Harvard referencing style
  • Your work must include an abstract, introduction, body and conclusion. Additional information that is somewhat relevant to the analysis, but not directly related, should be included in the appendix.
  • You must refer to recently published academic journals, newspaper articles, books and market reports (Mintel, KeyNote e.t.c) when conducting your research
  • Your analysis should be written up to at least a 65% standard.

The essay would be assessing the following,

  • Your research skills
  • Your written English skills
  • Your ability to conduct analysis on non readily available data, and write concise but high quality reports and analysis
  • Your critical understanding of Information Systems and Management

•Your ability to write structured and accurate reports and analysis, especially when detailed assessment guidelines are not provided.

Good Luck.

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