broadcast news re write

Your are to find two short news on any newspapers or website. Re-write those 2 news stories in 5 sentences for each maximum. The best news stories for you to chose for this assignment should be NO longer than 10 sentences (easy for you to editing).

1. Three points will automatically be counted against you if your lead sentences are not written in present, present-perfect, or future tense (the lead sentences must contain when, where, who, why, what of the stories) Also, one point will be counted against you for not following instructions, for each incorrectly spelled word, grammatical error, and broadcast news writing style error.Please refer to the Writing for Broadcasting Tips section in the Course Documents section of Blackboard. EACH WORD IN ALL OF YOUR TYPED STORIES MUST BE WRITTEN IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND EACH LINE OF YOUR STORIES MUST BE DOUBLE-SPACED.

2. Do Not miss last few lanes of the example in attached file: The ACT and OUTCUE

An ACTUALITY is a short taped comment from someone associated directly with the development of a news story. It may be an excerpt from an interview, a speech, news conference, etc. The actuality typically lasts between five and 30 seconds. An actuality exceeding 30 seconds starts to get boring. Actuality is a radio term. Soundbite or SOT (Sound on Tape) is the TV term.

attached file is about the example and details for this assignment, pls read the attached file before doing the assignment.

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