building a psychological research study

Include 4 paragraphs in your post, one for each of the following:

1. Research Question and Background – What is your research question and how did you arrive at that question? (Make sure that you clearly state your research question first and then provide a paragraph (3-7 sentences) detailing how you came to this question.)

2. Variables – What are the variables in your study? Make sure you describe the variables in detail. Are you just looking for a correlation or link between the two variables or are you doing experimental research where you have an independent and dependent variable? If you have an independent and dependent variable make sure you clearly state which is which. (Provide a paragraph of 3-7 sentences)

3. Methods and Participants – How will you collect data for your study? What research methods will you use? Who will be your participants? (Provide a paragraph of 3-7 sentences.)

4. Hypothesis – What do you think will be the results of your study? Describe your hypotheses in a paragraph (3-7 sentences).

5. Ethical Considerations – Describe any ethical concerns that may arise with your proposed study. Make sure to include a 3-7 sentence paragraph describing ethical concerns.

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