can choose any topic

Introduction paragraph (no more than 10 lines)

  • Begin with an attention-getting “hook.”
  • Include a thesis statement that identifies the problem or issue to be explored.
  • Explain why you began your research with a specific source; in other words, explain the reason(s) you started with this source as opposed to another source that you researched. The first time you mention an author, use his or her full name; after that, use last name only.

First body paragraph

NOTE:You should have between 3-5 total body paragraphs (and explore 3-5 sources).

  • Summarize the source concisely.
  • Respond to the source’s ideas that are most relevant to your problem or issue. Show yourself wrestling with ideas.

Subsequent body paragraphs

  • In each paragraph, introduce a new source, and explain why you chose to study it.
  • Summarize the source concisely.
  • Respond to the source’s ideas as you did in your first body paragraph.In addition, explain how the reading of all of the sources you’ve discussed so far has shaped your thoughts about the problem or issue you’re analyzing.

Conclusion paragraph (no more than 8 lines)

  • Provide closure for your discussion.
  • Avoid simply restating the research steps you took. Instead, explain your current thinking about the problem or issue based on your research and consideration.Also, identify areas you’d want to research more to answer your research question.

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