case study 427

Prepare an Executive Summary report (approximately 1 to 2 pages (plus appendices) and include the following sections) that summarizes your findings and recommendations. Be sure to include the following in your report:

1. (20 points) Case Synopsis (include a brief summary of the case and the business issue(s)being studied)

2. (40 points) Methodology (including a discussion of what information was provided and how you used this information to analyze the problem) (a) Organize the available data on cost, revenue, and probability estimates in a table. (b) Draw and solve the decision tree that shows the logical sequence of the decision problem. You may either draw out the decision tree using the drawing tools in Word/PPT or you may use TreePlan to enter the problem into Excel. Be sure to label all branches.

3. (20 points) Findings and Conclusions (include summary of analysis results) Based on your analysis, respond to the following: (a) Provide a recommendation for Seaside including their decision to employ the market research service and a recommendation that Seaside should follow if the survey is conducted. Included the expected return (profit) for the decision. (b) SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS 1: If the estimated revenue for the condominium sales was only $15 million (not $16 million), would your decision change? If so, how? (c) SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS 2: If the estimated revenue for the condominium sales was $15 million AND the cost of the survey was $75K (not $50), would your decision change? If so, how?

4. (20 points) Recommendations. For your management perspective, what other factors (not included in the model) need to be considered in making the recommendations? Do you agree with the decisions from your quantitative analysis? Why or why not.

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