case study of the venezuelan crisis min 1000 words

Begin with a brief paragraph explaining what the crisis orissue is and then develop a brief history of how it has developed.This has an interpretive element, in that you are selecting some facts and not others, but the writing should be expository rather than argumentative.

INCLUDE: Main actors The rest of the assignment should explain whoyou see as the main actors in the crisis or conflict.

For each actor, you should begin to identify their interests, preferences, capabilities,andrelationships to other actors,as they relate to the case.

By“actors”I do not generallymean individualpeople (though in some cases particular personalities may matter).Instead,actors will most likely be

states,governments,armed groups, international organizations, civil society groups,corporations,categories of people etc.You may choose to write one paragraph per actor, or group actors together by type For example,in the case of the Syrian civil war, one of your paragraphs might be“ nonstate armed groups or you might split that category into pro government militias and anti government rebels or you might differentiate further between “Kurdish forces,” “Islamic State,”“Hezbollah,” and the “Free Syrian Army.” How you differentiate among actors or group them together is also an interpretive task that depends in part on your understanding of the case.Remember, we need to simplify reality to better unerstand it, so more detailed differentiation among actors may not necessarily be helpful. For example, “Kurdish forces” could be further disaggregated to include the YPG, PKK, KRG etc. but this might not really help us understand the broader contours of the conflict. Use your judgement in deciding how to identify important actors.

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