You are to test your process model based on the attached case study. Take the collected information on current threats, vulnerabilities, risks and controls, and apply them to your case studyUse the attached threat process model along with any tools of your choice to analyze the threats and vulnerabilities associated with the case study organizationFirst you should collect information on current threats, vulnerabilities, and controls that apply to the assets described in your systems analysis.  You should ‘walk through’ your model and use it to identify, analyze, and document threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. Do Not include recommendations at this time.  That comes in the next step (Action Plan). Make sure you document any assumptions you’ve made during the analysis. Your entire analysis should be compiled into a single Word or PDF document that provides details on pertinent threats and vulnerabilities and how they apply to the systems in the case study.  The audience for this is the executives of your client company.  Explain any technical terms used in your report.

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