definition essay 10

more than 650 words

But what is a definition essay?

In a definition essay, a writer explores the subject by describing the qualities that distinguish it from any

other subject. A definition essay defines a word, term, or concept in depth by providing a personal

commentary on what the specific subject means

Most physical objects have a definition about which most people agree.

Most people will agree on what trees, windows, computers, and pencils are in general

These objects all have specific physical properties that most people can agree on through the

use of their physical senses.

However, abstract terms, such as love, pain, or patriotism, have different meanings for different

individuals since such terms play on people’s feelings more than their phy

essay provides a personal, extended definition of such terms

by linking or comparing the term to a

previous definition and by illustrating how that term should be applied

How do you get started with the definition essay?

You probably know your term well enough so that you can provide specific examples to illustrate your

definition. At the same time, the term you’re assigned may seem too broad or general since pinning it

down to a single definition is very difficult. This is where your narrowing skills come into play. The

clustering exercise below will help you narrow your term and find some specific examples or associations

you can use.

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