discussion board waterfront kazan 1954

Based on On the Waterfront (Kazan, 1954) and American Cinema- Chapter 12: Hollywood and the Cold War and Chapter 13: Hollywood in the Age of Television ( the file “Book1”)

—-> Respond on questions in a short paragraph:
1.Post your own question on the discussion board for the class about On the Waterfront . Be sure to follow up on the answers and add your own opinion.What do you think about actors being asked about their political sympathies? Do you think that their political views play into how they are publically perceived? Has this every changed your mind about an actor or actress? [(+/-)300-350 words]

2.Respond to the 2 posts attached in which you supposed to ask one question on the end of your answer ( Discussion Board 1 –> 2 posts (each answer –> (+/-)150 words) (posts in attachment “DB79”)

3.Why did the drive-in, Cinerama, 3D and Cinescope were developed. What had happened to the theater going audience that caused the motion picture industry to develop these? Briefly describe each new development and explain what they had to offer for a new viewing experience. Which one do you think was the most effective? 300-350 words)

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