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Addressing an Ethical Issue For this final project, imagine that the CEO of Walmart has asked human resources department to review the company’s use of sick time policies. In 2017 Walmart was accused of being unethical in its policies when it was punishing its employees for the sick days they have taken to attend to their medical needs. You have been personally asked to evaluate different parameters for ethically deciding on how to address the issue, and then to evaluate various polices and propose a policy that the company can implement to addresses the chosen issue. In your paper: • Describe an ethical dilemma and its importance and relevance. • Identify the various stakeholders and their positions. • Evaluate an ethical decision-making model, apply it to the chosen issue, and analyze options for resolving this ethical dilemma. • Recommend a corporate policy for resolving the issue and support the recommendation with well-reasoned analysis and specific examples, including the impact on various stakeholders. • Analyze and recommend a strategy for communicating the policy to the organization in a manner that meets the needs of the audience. • Specify potential limitations of the policy and strategies for monitoring and compliance. Length of paper: About 2,500 words, or 10 typed, double-spaced pages.

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