euro disneyland case analysis

* 3 full single-spaced pages (don’t send me double spaced paper)

*covering chapters 1-7 of the book’s material

*Make sure to follow every step in the RUBRIC. Grading of the paper will be based on the Rubric.

*You can use the book as a reference, the book we are using is

Luthans, Fred, and Doh, Jonathan D. (2015). International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior, 9th ed., New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

*You can use an outside reference too, but not necessary.

*See the attached material

*Refer to the book use of terminologies and use the attached word document (Helpful file) to help you write the paper and indicate some issues in the case.

for example, the first issue you can write about Cultural Differences which it is the answer for question one.

Important note: use Cultural Differences as one of the issues then write about what goes under cultural differences according to Hofstede Model (use Cultural Differences as an umbrella for the sub-issues goes under it)

then, another issue for example could be Ethical Issue or whatever, then write whatever goes under it.

Three APA references are important for the use of the book terminologies ( when you reference the book put the page number)


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