so I’m posting some pictures and the written portion need to be change. Need to follow the directions to change writing portion in diploma with in the photo! I’m looking for professional! Who knows how to do critical work. Fonts are VERY important in that picture.

I’m only looking for professional and who know what I’m talking about.

The Parker school of chiropractic college need to change to Texas A&M university, date,name, logo need to be changed in the picture that girl is holding.

You need to edit the diploma picture that girl is holding. You need to make sure that School of Chiropractic is changing to Texas A&M which is in the different picture. Use the exact same fonts, then you need to change the name of a person in the diploma picture, Change it from Allen Nguyen to Syeda Hiba Sobia Ahmed

Please my request is to don’t make it look fake!

Make it real and use the Same Fonts. Once you are done with that instruction, send me pictures to approve and then will give you more instructions.

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