family therapy 7

M4 Discussion – Family Therapy Models, continued

As you view the videos and read the chapters, what do you like about the demonstration of family therapy strategies and theories?

  • How do they compare with your view of the family and treatment?
  • What tools or techniques did you find useful and how might you incorporate those techniques in practice?
  • Did you come across a theory that you may like better than another and why?
  • Respond to fellow students who have discussed a model that differs from the one you liked best.
  • Do different models (other than the one you prefer) have one or more techniques that you would use with a family? Which ones?
  • Comment on any evidence-based research as it relates to models.

Use a model from the chapter that has a video link in the course. If you chose a model that has no course video link, be sure to cite the url link to a video demonstration you found on the internet.

Videos of Therapeutic Models 2

Week 10:

Strategic Couples Therapyopens in a new window

Week 11:

Behavioral Couples Therapyopens in a new window

Week 12:

Solution-Oriented Family Therapyopens in a new window

Week 13:

Narrative Family Therapyopens in a new window

Integrative Family Therapyopens in a new window

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