global warming climate change is due to human activities

This paper is 3-4 pages without reference page.

My policy area is Global warming is due to Human activities. We have to write about the community actor that involve in my policy area. A policy community is the set of formal and informal actors that participate in policy making in a particular substantive area. They include – at a minimum – legislative committees, public agencies, interest groups and research institutes. For this assignment, use the internet as well as your research in print sources to identify the actors in the policy community for your policy area. Major participants in the policy communities of prominent policy areas usually have websites; find those websites. Some important actors may not have a presence on the internet; include these actors in your map anyway.

For example, the actors in my policy area is Factories, human activities or so on. Explain how they are causing the global warming, and why they are doing it, or if they are doing anything to prevent it.

Please open attach document.

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