help in us history

Question 1

The Truman Doctrine established all of the following except?

Established financial aid to Greece, Turkey, and all of Europe

an assumption that the United States was taking on a permanent global responsibility

the creation o fa set of global military alliances directed against the Soviet Union

set a precedent for American assistance to anticommunist regimes throughout the world

Question 2

Which idea had the largest impact on American foreign policy during the Cold War?

geopolitics and economic interests

the idea of freedom world wide

isolationism and protecting America first

ending globalization

Question 3

Joseph McCarthy

was an embarrassment to his party by 1954

had the full support of the Senate during his anticommunist crusade

successfully uncovered the communist infiltration of the federal government

successfully uncovered the communist infiltration of the U.S. Army

Question 4

Which of the following was not an improvement on race issues in the United States between 1945 and 1952?

the desegregtation of public schools by the Supreme Court

Fair employment practices and anti-discrimination laws in access to jobs an dpublic accommodations in eleven states

California repealing a law permitting local school districts to provide segregated educaiton for children of Chinese descent

the integration of the Brooklyn Dodgers

Question 5

Which of the following did not happen in 1949?

Germany was reunified

NATO was formed

Soviet Union successfully detonated their first atomic bomb

The Berlin blockade ended

Question 6

The McCarran-Walter Act

authorized the deportation of communists, even if they were naturalized citizens

removed immigration quotas based on nationality

recognized the need for political asylum

made immigration law much more flexible

Question 7

The United States emerged from WWII as the world’s greatest power because of all of the following except?

the highest level of equlity on the planet

the most powerful navy and air force on the planet

the sole possession of the atomic bomb

1/2 of all of the world’s manufacturing capabilities

Question 8

Which of the following did not happen during our “reconstruction” of Japan after WWII?

they rebuilt a large military under American control to help fight communism

they wrote a new, democratic constitution and eliminated absentee landlordism

They allowed women to vote for the first time

They rebuild their economy by American economic assistance

Question 9

How did the Cold War affect colonies?

The United States backed away from pressuring its European allies to move toward granting self-government to colonies for fear of their aligning with the Soviets

Colonies were vulnerable to Soviet attacks

Colonies became powerful because they were able to choose which side to align with which granted them control over the Super Powers

The Cold War created an environment where all of the European nations had to give up their colonies to uphold the idea of the “free world”

Question 10

NATO was

an organization in which member nations pledged mutual defense against any Soviet Attack

an organization in which member nations pledged mutual defense against any German Attack

was an alliance between all European countries to stop the blockade in Germany

was a really bad awful German boy band

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