imf amp other global organizations

IMF & other global organizations


1. What is the IMF? What is its mission and who are its members?

2. Who is the new director of IMF and why did the past director resign? Be brief.

3. What is the World Economic Forum (WEO)? What is its mission and who are its members?

4. Will China help bailout Europe from the financial mess?

5. Where is the Annual meeting of IMF taking place and what are the agenda items? How effective is IMF in solving these problems?

6. What is the forecast for the global growth for 2011 and 2012?

. What are feelings of investors regarding IMF ability to solve world financial problems?

8. Why did gold and silver prices fall on Friday, September 23. 2011?

9. What is globalization and what is the definition of global recession? Is the USA going to fall in one? Give your view point.

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