jessica s urban medical center

Case Study: St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center

Based on your performance in helping the Board of Directors at St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center establish a performance measurement approach, the Board has asked you to stay on as a consultant to help them implement its new performance management program. You understand that this is not the first time that St. Jessica’s Urban Medical Center has attempted to implement a performance management program. From your conversations with various managers and employees, you have heard that many people expect this program to be a dismal failure, just as past programs have been. The root of the problem was that those past programs were unfair. You have a sense that employees at various levels had no idea what the goals of the program were, and you have an uneasy feeling that, unless a number of activities precede implementation of the new program, it is destined for failure?

(Minimum of 750 words for each question, this excludes the reference section at the bottom from your word count. You are also required to use a minimum of FOUR scholarly external sources references. Use proper APA guidelines, you only have to make reference to the author and year of publication in your in-text reference, but APA guidelines encourage you to also provide the page number.

Write a memo to the Board in memo style, describing a minimum of two interventions must be taken before the program can be effectively implemented. Use sources to support your position. (750 words)

Describe the primary goal of each of these interventions you named in the memo and why they are vital prior to implementation of the program. (750 words)

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