making the project vision for inventory management system

ABC is a retail company selling men’s clothing in New South Wales. The level of demands in managing stock allocation and transfer between stores and warehouse for the company has increased significantly. Technology has never been used for this and hence the whole system needs to be built from scratch. The purpose of this project is to provide a digitized inventory management system for ABC. When completed the system would benefit the company a lot saving valuable time and cost. Creating a digitized store and warehouse inventory system would allow ABC to get detailed and precise information about the stock movement and stock theft. This would also allow employees to look up current stock contents of the warehouse and each store and then request stock as required. Employees will also be able to send stock digitally i.e. automatically make an update to the database when stock is sent. Moreover, distribution of stock would also be much easier for the warehouse staff as they will know the quantity of each stock for each store.

All in all, this project will make inventory management easier for the company and open a gateway for technology for the company.

Base on this scenario, please make the project vision follow the template’s format (attached below).

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