Most analyses of criminal gangs tend to focus on the psychological level, emphasizing the choices that individuals make to join and/or participate in criminal activities.  This assignment challenges you to think about the role macro forces play in creating or perpetuating international gang activities.



Provide your answer after each question below.  Do not delete the questions.  Use narrative form when responding (i.e. complete sentences and paragraphs).

1.  View the 45 minute documentary Gang War USA:

Your name: ______________________

2.  Write a one to two-page essay, dedicating at least one paragraph to each of the following questions.

​a.  What types of social conditions make gang life attractive to some?  Why is this?  (one way to 

think about this is to consider the attributes of individuals attracted to gangs, such as age, gender, social class, education level, and the like).  Describe at least three examples from the video that illustrate your points.


b.  Identify and describe one sociological theory of deviance covered in your text that offers the most realistic explanation of why international gang activity exists in the U.S.  Explain why you selected this theory over others.


c.  According to the documentary, in what ways does the U.S. currently deal with gang members from other countries?  Are these mechanisms effective in deterring others from joining gangs or entering the U.S.?  Why or why not?  What are the unintended consequences of such policies (described by at least one interviewee in the film)?


d.  Given unlimited resources and political will, describe a macro policy that you feel WOULD have the effect of decreasing international gang activity.  Explain.


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