outcome 3 critical analysis of management communication styles 1

You will complete a critical analysis that successfully demonstrates an analysis of management communication styles in organizations, using an organizational structure, matrix and context with which you are familiar.

Identify a subject related to management communication styles from your personal work experience that addresses issues currently facing managers in your organization or one with which you are familiar.

Locate a journal article or other published work relevant to management communication style and to the subject you identified, that was published within the last three years.

Critically analyze the article or other published work using your experience and at least four other scholarly sources. Your analysis should show how management communication styles impact the topic or subject, and should include areas in which communication styles can be improved to result in greater organizational success.

Your analysis must be at least ten (10) pages in length. This means that for this deliverable, your title page, abstract page and reference page, are not part of the ten (10) pages. The ten (10) pages are the body of the deliverable.

Therefore, a successful deliverable should include a title page in APA format 6th edition; an abstract page in APA format 6th edition; at least ten (10) page of body in APA format 6th edition with all the elements needed and as described for Outcome #3; and a reference page that is in APA format 6th edition.

As described above, you should have at least four (4) scholarly sources and APA format must be used for citations and references.

Finally, you will write a reflection on the relative effectiveness of your analysis, including specific lessons learned and recommendations for improvement. . Your reflection should include an assessment of how well your analysis addressed the subject you chose, how likely your recommendations would result in improvement, areas in which your analysis could be improved, and what you learned from the exercise.

Assignment Tip: Let’s break this down Outcome #3:

    1. You are to complete a critical analysis that demonstrates any sort of an analysis of management communication styles in organizations, using the organizational structure, matrix and context with which you are familiar.

Now, for the assignment, you can pick an article or topic, or as I recommend to my Boeing students, is to pick where you work for this assignment. Reason….you already know the management communication styles (either good or bad) and you can use the organizational structure within your current department to illustrate this and beyond.

    1. Once you do this, then you can create the infrastructure of the assignment identifying the management communication styles within your department (based on your experience), and then address issues that are currently facing managers and supervisors within that department (explaining the micro and macro issues).
    2. To me, I could go on forever with this, but I know for a fact that there is friction at Boeing (just like at any other company) in terms of management communication (and their styles) between represented and non-represented people and groups; the issue of diversity (other cultures, countries, etc.); the issues between the “young bucks” and the workers who have been there for a while; the management communication style of the way the executive leadership and the way they communicate with the rank-and-file; how is management communicating with employees with the level of trust between Boeing employees and management being at an all-time low; etc.
    3. Once you figure out which way you want to go with the assignment in terms of subject/title, then you are going to critically analyze the topic. You are going to have the following sections for the assignment:

So the components of the assignment should be:

A. Title Page

B. Abstract

C. An Introduction of the Topic to the Audience/Reader (about 2 pages)

D. How Management Communication Styles Impact Your Topic (about 3 pages)

E. Areas in Which Communication Styles Can be Improved to Results in Greater Organizational Success (about 3 pages)

F. Conclusion (about 1 page)

G. Reflection – as outlined in the syllabus with the relative effectiveness, lessons learned, etc. (about 1 page)

H. Reference page (1 page)

You should have 4 sources that support your topic and rationale in the paper.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and everyone who has been actively researching and composing assignments is doing great!

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