paper work 8

Hi robert F,

we will continue working on Part 6 which is pre writing and it’s on the same topic, here is the procedure, please see the sample of the work.

1. Formulate a thesis for your topic. Basically your thesis will state briefly your view on what the interepreted sources tell us about history. For more on writing theses, click here.
2. Formulate an outline for your paper (limited to one page). For more on outlines in general, click here. For a sample of how the outline should look for this assignment, click here. See also this page on Essay Structure. Write out your thesis as one complete sentence only, followed by your outline. Outline points should reflect the main topics you have researched about your sources such as their authorship, accuracy, contradictions, points-of-view, perspective on major historical and social issues (scientific and technological sophistication, distribtion of wealth, violence and power, social hierarchy, creativity, and belief systems). Your conclusion should clearly restate how your chosen source(s) can contribute to our better understanding of certain historical issues.
3. Submit your assignment at the beginning of class on the date listed in the schedule for each paper, in the proper presentation format of (1) a title page, followed by; (2) a page with your thesis and outline (page 1–no more than one page long), then; (3) your current pre-bibliography (page 2-etc.).

For a sample click here). (Do not include any photocopies from previous assignments).

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