paper writing 23

You will choose 1 Jam entry from your journal – this can be on any of the topics, we have jammed about. No, it can not be on a topic we discussed but did not Jam.

You will find one current (last 6 months) world event – this can be political, legal, economic, cultural, trade related, or anything else you think is a good parallel to your Jam entry.

What you will turn in:

Begin with the journal entry that you chose and a summary of why you decided to choose that entry.

A summary or the event in your own words with a source link to where you found it. Multiple events can have multiple effects so please specify which element (political, legal, economic, cultural, trade related, or anything else) of the event you are focusing on.

You will then write me a paper, that 1.) tells me how the journal parallels the event you chose and then 2.) you will tell me all of the ways (you are allowed to hypothesize, but tell me that you are) the event would effect one of the jobs you chose in your Jobs assignment.

The more detailed you go, the better, but don’t waste paper writing me a novel. Using business language will be your friend.


– Format: I don’t care – but include a source page and number the location of your sources in the paper and match it to the source sheet.

– Length: As long as it takes – I think it would be difficult to do this in less than 5 pages, but I will not be counting off if you are able to be more concise than that, as long as the content is there.

– Please predominantly use sentences and only bullet points and other visuals only when it is appropriate.

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